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【金融系学术讲座】讲座题目:Spreading Words Online in Disasters
日期: 2019-03-29


Spreading Words Online in Disasters

The wide adoption of online broadcasting tools, such as Twitter, Weibo and Facebook, has allowed massive online message retransmission in disasters (OMRID). Even though OMRID can have significant effects on disaster recovery, disaster managers and tool designers lack theories for how to facilitate high-quality message retransmission in disasters. In this paper, we explain why prior theories are limited in their ability to explain OMRID due to the assumptions they make. To overcome this problem, we propose a new theory of OMRID with more realistic assumptions. The theory of OMRID provides a unified account of how tool capabilities enable message cues that in turn trigger message receivers’ psychological states which then trigger message retransmission behavior, and do so differently in different disaster contexts. Overall, the theory contributes by building a new foundation for future research, and by providing useful insights for online broadcasting tool designers and stakeholders involved in disaster management.


Dongming Xu is a Senior Lecturer in Business Information Systems at the UQ Business School. She holds a PhD from the City University of Hong Kong in Information systems.

Dr. Xu's research outputs have been published in more than 70 top tier journals and conference proceedings, such as?IEEE Transaction on Knowledge and Data Engineering,?Information and Management, Decision Support Systems, and the?Expert Systems with Applications, International Conference on Information Systems, etc. Dr. Xu as a Chief-Investigator or a Co-Investigator received multiple grants from different research agencies, such as, Hong Kong Government Research Grant Council, The National Natural Science Foundation of China, The University of Queensland, City University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (China) State Research Council.


Currently, she is an Associate Editor with?Information & Management,?Journal of Electronic Commerce Research,?Australasian Journal of Information Systems, among others.